Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink


If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then the drains and pipes that bring us fresh, clean water and take away liquid waste, are just as surely the vital arteries and veins that keep things pumping.

And as with our own body’s fluid transport system, what gets into those ‘pipes’ really does matter. Just like blockages in our bodies, clogged, blocked or damaged pipes and drains in the kitchen can spell disaster for the overall functioning of the home.

Holiday rentals, commercial kitchens and workplace cafeterias often come complete with shiny, laminated sets of rules displayed near the sink for everyone to see. These rules are designed to keep areas safe, clean and in good working order for as long as possible. But when it comes to keeping things operating efficiently around the kitchen sink at home, it can sometimes be the absence of ‘rules’ and the bad habits we or our family/housemates have developed over time that bring us unstuck.

Be creative and write them on a chalkboard, paint and decorate your own ‘shabby-chic boho-styled’ kitchen rules board for a wall near the sink, or if your housemates aren’t great at subtle hints, make your own shiny laminated sign and stick it somewhere they just can’t miss.

Whatever way you choose to get your message across, making sure everyone in your household takes care with what goes down the drain and into your pipes can save a whole lot of inconvenience later on and the expense of calling a plumber.

Incredible Kitchen Sink Ideas and Designs

A kitchen sink is a necessity, so important that we easily forget about styling it. Every kitchen needs at least one sink. It provides a contained space for you to work with water while minimising the splatter and water mess. From washing food items, utensils and dishes, to organising and holding food to thaw, cool, dry and cook, the sink is an indispensable feature of the kitchen. Here are some incredible kitchen sink ideas and designs to inspire your next kitchen upgrade, renovation or new home kitchen design.

Modern Farmhouse

The classic charms of the farmhouse kitchen sink get a sleek and modern upgrade. This streamlined version of the rustic kitchen sink is made of stainless steel in light grey. The apron is smooth and fits perfectly with the classic and modern kitchen interiors.

Black Granite

This modern and luxe kitchen sink is also efficient and multi-functional. It is made of granite composite in minimalist matte black. The sink features a main washing basin, a small one for separating items and a drain for washed items. Sleek and innovative design.

Secret Compartments

This kitchen island sink comes with secret compartments. Very handy in managing clutter and keeping smaller items organised. You can use space for concealing the not-so-attractive items in the kitchen like dishwashing scrubs, detergent and sponges.

The Disappearing Sink

This kitchen sink can disappear when you’re done with it. Ideal for smaller homes or apartments, the disappearing sink can turn your kitchen island into a dining table fast and easy. It comes with a custom cover that you can insert over the sink when not in use.

Kitchen Tips: Must-Have Kitchen Organising Items At Home

There’s no doubt that an organised workspace is linked to work efficiency. A clean and sorted space makes our job quicker and easier. A clean and organised kitchen also motivates us to step into it with a grin on our face. To cut the long story short, cooking and other kitchen chores get so much easier if all the things are kept in the right space. Imagine cooking in a kitchen, where you can find all the herbs and spices near you! Stop dreaming and make it a reality. Here, we bring you some organiser options, which may help you to make the sorting job easier.

Container Set:

One of the first few things one needs to organise a kitchen is nice storage containers for all the dry food items including herbs, spices, biscuits, pulses etc. It not only makes the kitchen look neat, but also saves your cooking time.

Towel Hanger:

Kitchen towel lying haywire is a very common site in several households. This makes the space look unorganized and untidy. Hence, we bring you a towel hanger option that can be attached to your cabinet door to hang the towels neatly.

Pantry Storage Organiser:

If you think that putting the herbs and spices in dedicated containers is enough to make the kitchen look organised, then you are absolutely wrong. You also need to organise the containers properly. That job gets easier with a pantry storage organiser; it helps you to set the containers and jars properly at one place

Kitchen Sink Organiser:

The dishwashers play an equally important role in a kitchen. Hence, a dedicated space for the scrubs and the soaps is also much needed to make the kitchen look clean.

Why a Workstation Sink Will Be The Best Thing in Your Kitchen

What if adding a workstation sink could actually improve everything you do in your kitchen? You hear it all the time, but kitchens really are the heart of the home. We love designing and remodeling kitchens for our clients because it is a space we know they will use and appreciate every. single. day.

A beautiful space that is designed to add functionality will not only bring the client happiness each day when they use it, it can also add a lot of value to the home, which means a happier bank account in the long run!

What Is A Workstation Sink?

At a workstation sinks may look like your normal kitchen sink, but they are so much more. They actually offer the added benefits of specific accessories designed to increase their functionality.

Workstation sinks are a growing trend, and we are totally onboard! The benefits of adding additional workspace, along with useful accessories allows the sink to no longer just be a place for dirty dishes, It transforms it into a multi-functional space.

The common accessories included in many workstation sinks are: drying rack, colander, cutting board, and bottom grid. Each offering their own unique functions and benefits. Many styles of sink have a workstation option; from undermount, to drop in, to apron front, are all available depending on the preferred style for the kitchen.

Things in the Kitchen That Are Making You Sick

The kitchen is often called the heart of the home. It’s where we gather and prepare the food that keeps us well and healthy. However, as in other rooms of your home, there are dangers lurking in the kitchen that can make you sick. Some of the troublemakers can cause a few days of digestive upset but others can be deadly, especially to young children and to those with compromised immune systems. If you are feeling sick, it’s time to take a look around your kitchen and possibly change some habits.

One of the biggest health hazards in your kitchen is you and how you handle food. If food is not cooked and handled safely, bacteria can multiply rapidly, causing foodborne illnesses that can range from a few hours of digestive upset to death.

Are you guilty of any of these missteps?

Undercooking Foods: Foods should be brought to the proper temperature needed to kill bacteria. Runny egg yolks, sushi, or raw cookie dough are particularly dangerous for young children or anyone with a weakened immune system.

Leaving Leftovers at the Wrong Temperature: Improper food temperatures simply invite bacteria, yeast, and mold to thrive. Hot foods must be kept above 140 degrees F and cold foods should be stored below 40 degrees F. This includes foods that are being thawed or marinated. Never leave these foods out on the counter for extended periods. Thaw slowly in the refrigerator or more quickly in the microwave and use immediately.

Using Unwashed Produce: All fresh produce should be washed before eating or using in cooking to remove bacteria and pesticides.