Factors To Keep In Mind When Choosing A Quality Kitchen Remodeling Services

Things to Remember When Remodeling Your Kitchen

Today more than ever, homeowners are taking on home improvement projects to renovate and remodel their homes. Many people simply enjoy the challenge of working on their own home and creating something that is uniquely them. Some do it to make their home more beautiful and comfortable. Whichever type of person you are, you should be aware that casting a keen eye on the value of your real estate and making certain improvement can boost the value of your home when it becomes time to sell your home.


One of the first things people look at in a kitchen is your counter tops. Take a close look at your counter tops. Are they in good shape? Do they have nicks and cracks? Is the grout coming out or stained? Some projects can be simple to do and bring those old counter tops back to life. If they do need to be replaced you should go with granite, if possible. Granite countertops are something homebuyers love to see and often just being able to add “granite countertops” to your listing has shown to sell a home 38 days sooner and for 4 percent more money.


If counters are the first thing people notice in a kitchen, there is no doubt that cupboards and sockets are next. Cupboards today come in so many different styles. If you are looking to replace those rundown, old cupboards, take note that today’s trend is to hide appliances in a cupboard. To do this effectively you need to plan for electrical sockets to be installed inside where your appliances can be plugged in.

Adequate lighting

If there is an accident in a house it will most likely happen in the kitchen. That really isn’t surprising with hot ovens, sharp knifes, cupboard doors, so having good lighting is important in any kitchen. Ceiling lighting gives you a general lighting and illuminates the entire space. Where pendant lights give you a move focused light for areas like over islands where you may work most. Under-cabinet lights not only illuminate other workspaces but also ensure those dark corners are now bright.


There is no question that appliances are where you can easily sink some money and quickly add value. Buyers just don’t like having to update appliances themselves. Often replacing just one appliance isn’t an option because suddenly the older ones don’t look so nice any more. Appliances are expensive, but you can shop for sale pieces, but make sure they all coordinate and are the same quality level, regardless of how much you’re spending.

Things to Avoid When Doing a Kitchen Renovation

If you’re planning to finally take out your measuring tape and get to renovating your old worn down kitchen, then there are certain things that we believe you should keep in mind. Renovation is not an easy task, and there are an infinite amount of factors that can go wrong when you are stripping away at the wallpapers.

Be careful when picking materials

We cannot stress this point enough, really. When out picking your materials for your kitchen renovation project, looks and aesthetics should not be the only factors you take into consideration during purchase. Sure! A designer kitchen that screams ‘style’ and ‘elegance’ can indeed be the hot topic of conversation among all your social circles. However, if the material is fragile, it will start to fall apart in just a few days time, and your entire investment will go down the drain.

A lot of the amateur DIY enthusiasts go for limestone as their material of choice as they look quite attractive. But, what they don’t realize is that limestone is prone to water rings, and will dampen much of the aesthetics over time. Marble, on the other hand, is prone to etching and staining, while countertops made out of recycled glass can chip very easily.

Cheap appliances are a no go

Any form of home space renovation, especially kitchen renovations, can get pricey. Whether you are hiring professional agencies for the job, or just rolling up your sleeves and driving the faucets in yourself, your savings will still take quite a hit.

Every job has a rhythm

By rhythm here, we mean a productive and efficient workspace where the flow of the job will not be hampered by external distractions.


home on the market next spring, and I am already combing the local real estate listings in hopeful anticipation of a new home! Real estate experts often say that kitchens and baths sell homes. If this is true, then it is no wonder that many of the homes I am viewing are still on the market. From what I have seen so far from the available listings in our price range, a kitchen remodel will most likely be in our near future.

Kitchen decorating is an extremely personal process and no matter what your budget, every family deserves a beautiful and stylish kitchen. From cabinet color, to countertop material, to appliances, to pulls, finding a wide array of affordable and modern styles for a kitchen remodel can be a daunting process. I have designed, remodeled, and redecorated several kitchens over the course of homeownership and have found Lowe’s Home Improvement to be an excellent resource for my kitchen needs

Your first task is to determine the scope of your project. How much of your existing kitchen can be saved and how much needs to be replaced? If you are able to work with your existing cabinets, you will save a bundle! Likewise, if you are able to work with the existing plumbing and electrical layout you will cut down on your installation costs and be able to devote more of your budget towards fun upgrades. A helpful formula to determine your maximum kitchen remodel budget is to spend no more than 5%-15% of your total home value

Knowing your decorating style will help you plan more easily for your kitchen remodel and will help you convey your ideas to designers and contractors. Don’t worry if you aren’t able to come up with a one-word label for your kitchen style! More importantly than being able to put a label on your style is being able to communicate to others exactly what kind of kitchen you are hoping to create

Choosing cabinets, paint colors, back splashes, countertops, hardware, and lighting are what make my heart go all-a-flutter! However, the most important aspect of any kitchen remodel is the flow, functionality, and layout of the kitchen. It might sound silly, but I highly recommend “playing pretend” in your soon-to-be-remodeled space! When I designed our kitchen and our neighbor’s kitchen, I did some rough space planning using spare 2×4’s on the floor so that I could get a physical sense of flow issues–such as how far away the sink would be from the stove


Think you’re ready to create the kitchen you’ve always been dreaming about? You’ve spent countless hours perusing magazines, blogs and Pinterest looking for designs to use. You think you have saved enough for your kitchen renovation. You’ve even found a reputable contractor. Does this mean that it’s a green light for the kitchen remodel?

Set a budget

The quickest way to waste money with a renovation project is to proceed without a set budget. Before even proceeding with the planning and design stage of the project, you should have a rough idea of how much it will cost you and how much you truly can afford.

Consider the timelines

Simply put, kitchen remodels can leave your home in a big mess. If you think that it will take just a few weeks to complete a project, your contractor can give you a realistic timeframe. In turn, this will allow you to make the necessary arrangements, like renting a storage space.

Plumbing works can complicate the project

You might have a specific idea of the look that you want to achieve for your kitchen. However, pursuing that idea can turn even the simplest projects into complex ones, especially if it involves additional plumbing works. Again, talk with your contractor so that you’ll know how much that idea will cost you, and find out about cheaper alternatives you can try.

Pay attention to codes and regulations

Some types of works involved in a kitchen remodel require securing the pertinent permits from the local government. Make sure that you do not cut corners. Otherwise, you can undermine the value of your home when you are planning to sell it or refinance it. Take note that lenders and potential buyers want remodeled homes which comply with prevailing building codes.

Things to Consider Before a Kitchen Renovation

You’ve made the decision: it’s finally come time to renovate that old, worn-out kitchen your family has made do with over the years. You know it will take a bit of investment, and you want to make sure it is done correctly so you can enjoy your new space for years to come.

things to consider when planning a kitchen remodel. Following this guide will help you avoid problems and ensure that your dream kitchen becomes a reality.

Hire a Pro – Having an experienced professional firm like Builders on your team will not only save you time, but could also save you expensive repair work when do-it-yourself goes wrong. Kitchen renovations involve dealing with natural gas, electric, and water lines that could seriously damage your home or even injure you if not professionally installed.

Prioritize Your List – Your budget can help determine what is most important to you. Primary decisions to make up front are things like layout, infrastructure (flooring, framing, windows, plumbing, electrical), cabinetry and countertops. If you have sufficient budget after these selections have been made, you can move onto secondary considerations like new appliances, fancy faucets, elegant backsplashes or eye-catching light fixtures. If your budget doesn’t allow these items up front, they’re much easier and cheaper to swap in later than something on the primary list.

Open or Closed Floor Plan? – There are benefits and drawbacks to an open or closed design that you can read more on here. Careful thought should be given to choosing what works best for your kitchen.

Choose the Right Countertop – Kitchen countertops are very personal choices, and the perfect one can bring everything together. There are dozens of options to choose from (as you can tell in part 1 and part 2 of our Choosing the Right Countertop blogs), including what type of edge you want. Do you go with eased, bevel, or bullnose, and have you considered the ogee? (That’s a name for a fairly common molding that has the profile of an elongated S.) If you need help deciding, can run you through the ins and outs of each.

Choose the Right Floor – Just as with the countertops, there are dozens of flooring options available to you as well. Helpful Flooring Buyers Guide can help you with that. Some are easier to clean, others are gentler on dropped dishes, and of course, some cost more per square foot than others. You’ll probably see one type of flooring jump to the top of your list as you learn what’s available.